Info + The Heart of the Teamachine

Somewhere in the universe there is a galaxy shaped like a disk with a diameter of 100.000 light years. At more or less 30.000 light years from its center there is a medium-sized star around which circulate nine planets in eternal revolution, one among them is particularly active. The star is called Sun, the planet Earth.

The project illustrates the relation between matter, colour, light and sound. Space as creation and evolution of the universe which moves ceaselessly and is forever changing its shape.

What we see is an “installation by sculpture”: a large bowl filled with water which contains a metallic structure comprising a pyramid, two wheels and a hydraulic system. The pyramid holds an electrically operated mechanism which drives the upper wheel into spinning motion.

As a consequence the spatial structure and the shapes within are forever changing. The upper wheel is mobile and connected to the stationary one below by way of a flexible mechanical contact which causes its elements to vibrate: they, in turn, produce various sounds which coagulate into a repeating musical theme. Complementary to this theme are the random rhythms created by the hydraulic system below and its many taps from which water flows and falls onto several cylindrical elements made of metal.

The whole system is constructed in such a way as to imitate a musical pentagram. Structure, movement and sound are all emphasized by the use of special lighting effects.

As a whole the installation’s equilibrium between space and colour springs from the unfathomable chasm of the unknown: opposites in free play, clean geometrical shapes and lines interlink in a constant and satisfying synthesis of will and thought.