Karin Eggers' starts her artistic career as a stage and costume designer, working from 1976 until 1979 with the municipal theatres of Kassel and Würzburg. In 1979 she moves to Rome where she begins her Italian journey working as a stable hand and caretaker in a private villa in Frascati. Those are the years in which she cultivates her interest in design and engraving techniques; in 1982 she creates her first sculptures from scrap iron.

After a period of travelling Karin returns to Rome in 1982 and thus definitely to sculpture: At first she is forever collecting scrap iron in order to mount the pieces she found, then she starts drafting and building even very big sculptures and installations.

Later still she adds sound and electric light in the form of tiny (often blue!) light bulbs which form contrasting elements within an overall structure of rusty iron.