Info + The Fountain

Sketch of a fountain for the main square in Paganico Sabina (1992)

The fountain consists in a basin, two triangular panels made of iron, a rod mounted between the two panels and two wheels (one stationary, the other mobile), as well as a laser device inserted in one end of the axis.

The basin is built from the local stone, but the inner lining is made of blue cement.

The pipe from which the water flows is connected to one of the two panels, and the water itself cascades onto the movable wheel, setting it in motion. The stationary wheel works as a sound box and, when “played” by a wooden stick, emits harmonious sounds.

The wheels are built old-style so as to seem random pieces of ironmongery, which is why they are in perfect agreement with the medieval aspect of the village. The asymmetrical form of the basin recreates the walls and alleys of Paganico.

The elaborate craftsmanship of the construction notwithstanding, it is clearly a work of contemporary sculpture, not only because of its shape but also because it incorporates sound as well as light. At its end pointing to the valley beyond the village, the rod houses a laser device which sends out a ray of coloured light. The ray passes over the village and the lake until it reaches the mountain on the far side, flying from there towards another mountain and then returning over the Turturano lake.